Monday, May 5, 2014

Cute Simple and Easy Cochet Flower

I will start with a abbreviated pattern but for people who are not so used to that I have a written pattern below and also a video.

Magic circle, 5 SC, SS into 1st SC. 
CH 4, SC into first SC, x4 CH 3 SC into next SC . Change yarn.
We will be working within the 5 holes made by the last round. 

ST, CH1, HDC, x3 DC, HDC, CH1,ST ( This will make 1 petal)

Continue to do above in easy bap until you have 5 petals. Then ST into the original petal via the CH 1 stitch,

I promised in my last post I would put a post up showing how I made my flower to go with the baby/child hairband. Well you luck ladies and gents here you go. I have also dabbed into the YouTube world and made a tutorial video so it might help a little.

I am new when it comes to putting patterns down on paper and I worry I will make you all more confused.

To start do a magic circle and single stitch 5 into the magic circle, tighten the magic circle to the size you need . Slip stitch into your first single stitch in the magic circle.

Round 1 - chain 4 then single crochet into next single crochet from the magic circle. Chain 4 then single crochet into the next single stitch. Continue this all the way around to the first 4 chain stick, slip stick into the 2nd chain from start. When you are done cut your yarn and tie. You should see yo have 5 large holes going around, we will be working our petals into these holes.

Round 2 - Attach your new yarn into any of the 5 holes, it does not matter which hole you start with. You always work your stitches into the holes, this will make 5 petals. To start your first petal you want to chain stitch one, double half crochet, 3 double crochet, double half crochet, chain one, single stitch. This will make a petal within the first hole. Then single stick into the next hole, chain 1, double half crochet, 3 double crochet, double half crochet, chain 1, single crochet. Continue to do the same thing in every hole until you are back at the first petal. You should have 5 petals at this point. You want to slip stitch into the first petal, I would slip stitch into the chain 1 from the first petal.

knot your yarn then hide all your tails and you should be done.

Any question or comments, please post below.

Happy hooking all.

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