Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cute baby child flower hairband

So this week I decided to make a hair band for my little one. Below is the pattern, enjoy.

Single Crochet -SC
Double Crochet - DC
Slip Stitch - SS

First measure the circumference of the baby/child's head.

Row 1 - Chain until the size of the child's head, chain 2 and turn your work.

Row 2 - DC 2nd stitch from hook, continue to DC in each SC until end of row. Chain  2 and turn your work.

Row 3 - Double crochet in your last DC on previous row. DC in every DC until end of row, cut off wool and tie the end.

Purple edging - I use the picot stitch, please see here if you are unsure how to do a picot stitch

I now hide all my tails and make a simple little flower to add to the band. Click here to see the pattern for the flower.

I attached the buttons to the back which will be used to fit the band around the babies/child's head. The gaps in between the DC will be used as button holes. So you need to have buttons that are the right size for your DC. Also this is great as the band can be used for many sizes.

If I am missing anything or you have any comments at all, post below.

Thanks and happy hooking all.

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