Sunday, April 27, 2014

27th April update

Afternoon crafters

So I've not had to much of an interesting week due to lack of wool and time. Ive been able to work on my granny square blanket but then also ran out the wool needed. But lucky it was payday this week and was able to get talked into buying some wool, this did not take much tempting from my better half (Photo below). All of the wool I got was just to finish all the projects I'm currently working on.

It was koningsdag (kings day) this weekend in the Netherlands which means markets..large markets. In English terms they are large car boots.

Below is the wicker basket I was able to pick up from Soest market for the massive sum of 5 Euros. I will be making a pillow for the top of it. Also a great place to hide some of my wool. 

From last week all other projects are still at the same place apart from the granny square blanket. In last weeks photo it shows quite a few green, pink and white granny squares. I was able to start to crochet the squares together but due to lack of materials ( I seem like a broken record) I was unable to finish.

 I'm determined this week to finish one of my blankets because they are starting to drive me up the wall.

On a side note I have started to making a miniature teddy bear and if it does turn out well I be posting up photos and pattern for you all. 

Have a good week all and comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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