Monday, April 21, 2014

Addicted to Crochet

Addiction to Crochet

OK I admit it I am totally and utterly addicted to crochet. I have been at it for months now with what seems no let up. I have wool coming out my ears and I always look forward to pay day as it equals wool buying day.

Only issue I have right is I have quite a few projects on the go, I do not know if this is every crochet/knitters issue or just my own. I seem to never buy enough wool to finish off a project.

So I have 6 projects on the go, 4 blankets, scarf(which was done on a loom) and my continuous project of making hats for angel babies and preemie babies.

Blanket 1 - Waiting on new wool, this will be going to a family member

Blanket 2 - Same as blanket one, this will be for my daughters bed for this winter

Blanket 3 (Granny squares)- Will be for the living area, I am currently working on this and I'm sure to run out of wool before I am done. I am also planning to line the back of this one when finished.

Blanket 4 - This c2c blanket has no home as of yet, also again I have ran out of wool.

Scarf - Currently not working on this project as it will not be needed until winter time. This will be for my partners niece.

Baby hats for the hospitals - Is a currently and on going job. In the picture below are all the hats I need to finish off. 

So I will be posting patterns for things that I have made. Either I will make the patterns for you to download or I will link to the page where I got the original pattern from.

Got any question please pm or comment below

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