Monday, May 5, 2014

Cute Simple and Easy Cochet Flower

I will start with a abbreviated pattern but for people who are not so used to that I have a written pattern below and also a video.

Magic circle, 5 SC, SS into 1st SC. 
CH 4, SC into first SC, x4 CH 3 SC into next SC . Change yarn.
We will be working within the 5 holes made by the last round. 

ST, CH1, HDC, x3 DC, HDC, CH1,ST ( This will make 1 petal)

Continue to do above in easy bap until you have 5 petals. Then ST into the original petal via the CH 1 stitch,

I promised in my last post I would put a post up showing how I made my flower to go with the baby/child hairband. Well you luck ladies and gents here you go. I have also dabbed into the YouTube world and made a tutorial video so it might help a little.

I am new when it comes to putting patterns down on paper and I worry I will make you all more confused.

To start do a magic circle and single stitch 5 into the magic circle, tighten the magic circle to the size you need . Slip stitch into your first single stitch in the magic circle.

Round 1 - chain 4 then single crochet into next single crochet from the magic circle. Chain 4 then single crochet into the next single stitch. Continue this all the way around to the first 4 chain stick, slip stick into the 2nd chain from start. When you are done cut your yarn and tie. You should see yo have 5 large holes going around, we will be working our petals into these holes.

Round 2 - Attach your new yarn into any of the 5 holes, it does not matter which hole you start with. You always work your stitches into the holes, this will make 5 petals. To start your first petal you want to chain stitch one, double half crochet, 3 double crochet, double half crochet, chain one, single stitch. This will make a petal within the first hole. Then single stick into the next hole, chain 1, double half crochet, 3 double crochet, double half crochet, chain 1, single crochet. Continue to do the same thing in every hole until you are back at the first petal. You should have 5 petals at this point. You want to slip stitch into the first petal, I would slip stitch into the chain 1 from the first petal.

knot your yarn then hide all your tails and you should be done.

Any question or comments, please post below.

Happy hooking all.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cute baby child flower hairband

So this week I decided to make a hair band for my little one. Below is the pattern, enjoy.

Single Crochet -SC
Double Crochet - DC
Slip Stitch - SS

First measure the circumference of the baby/child's head.

Row 1 - Chain until the size of the child's head, chain 2 and turn your work.

Row 2 - DC 2nd stitch from hook, continue to DC in each SC until end of row. Chain  2 and turn your work.

Row 3 - Double crochet in your last DC on previous row. DC in every DC until end of row, cut off wool and tie the end.

Purple edging - I use the picot stitch, please see here if you are unsure how to do a picot stitch

I now hide all my tails and make a simple little flower to add to the band. Click here to see the pattern for the flower.

I attached the buttons to the back which will be used to fit the band around the babies/child's head. The gaps in between the DC will be used as button holes. So you need to have buttons that are the right size for your DC. Also this is great as the band can be used for many sizes.

If I am missing anything or you have any comments at all, post below.

Thanks and happy hooking all.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

27th April update

Afternoon crafters

So I've not had to much of an interesting week due to lack of wool and time. Ive been able to work on my granny square blanket but then also ran out the wool needed. But lucky it was payday this week and was able to get talked into buying some wool, this did not take much tempting from my better half (Photo below). All of the wool I got was just to finish all the projects I'm currently working on.

It was koningsdag (kings day) this weekend in the Netherlands which means markets..large markets. In English terms they are large car boots.

Below is the wicker basket I was able to pick up from Soest market for the massive sum of 5 Euros. I will be making a pillow for the top of it. Also a great place to hide some of my wool. 

From last week all other projects are still at the same place apart from the granny square blanket. In last weeks photo it shows quite a few green, pink and white granny squares. I was able to start to crochet the squares together but due to lack of materials ( I seem like a broken record) I was unable to finish.

 I'm determined this week to finish one of my blankets because they are starting to drive me up the wall.

On a side note I have started to making a miniature teddy bear and if it does turn out well I be posting up photos and pattern for you all. 

Have a good week all and comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby cloak / Poncho

I decided my daughter needs something she can use when in the pram and car seat which is easy to take off and can also be used as a blanket. This is what i came up with, please read below if your after the patterns if not enjoy the photos :D

This pattern if from a 9-12 mont old. We will be used Mr Geraff as our model today.( I made him for my daughter)

dc - Double Crochet
ss - Slip Stich
sc - Single crochet
hdc - Half Douvle Crochet


Row 1 - With the blue wool chain stitch till you have the right length for the size of face.

Row 2 -  Turn and dc 4th chain from hook then dc in each loop until end, chain 3 then turn.

Row 3 - repeat row 2 until the depth of child's head

Fold in half and ss / sc together along the last row you did. The ss/sc will be the back of your hood. Turn your hood inside out.

Row 1 - Sc along the bottom of the hood. Please note that you need to have 2 sc in each dc on the hood.

Row 2 - 3dc in each sc till end of row, chain 3 and turn

 Row 3 + - dc in each dc, at the end of row chain 3, turn and repeat row 3 until your have the length of cloak.

To finish off the cloak I added two lines of pattern to the bottom which you do not need to do. Also i did a white edge to the whole cloak/poncho with a hdc.

Also you can weave some wool or lace into the neck to do up the cloak.

Hope this was some help to you, any question please leave a comment. Also if I am missing anything from this pattern please comment below.

Happy hooking all

No posting of this pattern without a link to this site.

Addicted to Crochet

Addiction to Crochet

OK I admit it I am totally and utterly addicted to crochet. I have been at it for months now with what seems no let up. I have wool coming out my ears and I always look forward to pay day as it equals wool buying day.

Only issue I have right is I have quite a few projects on the go, I do not know if this is every crochet/knitters issue or just my own. I seem to never buy enough wool to finish off a project.

So I have 6 projects on the go, 4 blankets, scarf(which was done on a loom) and my continuous project of making hats for angel babies and preemie babies.

Blanket 1 - Waiting on new wool, this will be going to a family member

Blanket 2 - Same as blanket one, this will be for my daughters bed for this winter

Blanket 3 (Granny squares)- Will be for the living area, I am currently working on this and I'm sure to run out of wool before I am done. I am also planning to line the back of this one when finished.

Blanket 4 - This c2c blanket has no home as of yet, also again I have ran out of wool.

Scarf - Currently not working on this project as it will not be needed until winter time. This will be for my partners niece.

Baby hats for the hospitals - Is a currently and on going job. In the picture below are all the hats I need to finish off. 

So I will be posting patterns for things that I have made. Either I will make the patterns for you to download or I will link to the page where I got the original pattern from.

Got any question please pm or comment below