Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby cloak / Poncho

I decided my daughter needs something she can use when in the pram and car seat which is easy to take off and can also be used as a blanket. This is what i came up with, please read below if your after the patterns if not enjoy the photos :D

This pattern if from a 9-12 mont old. We will be used Mr Geraff as our model today.( I made him for my daughter)

dc - Double Crochet
ss - Slip Stich
sc - Single crochet
hdc - Half Douvle Crochet


Row 1 - With the blue wool chain stitch till you have the right length for the size of face.

Row 2 -  Turn and dc 4th chain from hook then dc in each loop until end, chain 3 then turn.

Row 3 - repeat row 2 until the depth of child's head

Fold in half and ss / sc together along the last row you did. The ss/sc will be the back of your hood. Turn your hood inside out.

Row 1 - Sc along the bottom of the hood. Please note that you need to have 2 sc in each dc on the hood.

Row 2 - 3dc in each sc till end of row, chain 3 and turn

 Row 3 + - dc in each dc, at the end of row chain 3, turn and repeat row 3 until your have the length of cloak.

To finish off the cloak I added two lines of pattern to the bottom which you do not need to do. Also i did a white edge to the whole cloak/poncho with a hdc.

Also you can weave some wool or lace into the neck to do up the cloak.

Hope this was some help to you, any question please leave a comment. Also if I am missing anything from this pattern please comment below.

Happy hooking all

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  1. was wondering what hook size you used and type of yarn??

    1. Hiya Melissa, I am currently on Holiday and will be home next week. When I am home I will reply to you again.

    2. My guess its a 9 but i dunno, werid, brb let me look on google to see what others used

    3. As for yarn u can always use any baby soft yarn if u like

  2. esta hermoso el poncho frozen , gracias por compartir

  3. esta hermoso el poncho frozen , gracias por compartir